Do you have any idea who you are?

When a man asked for my business card after I spoke at an event in January, I dug through my purse, and upon finding one (in a case completely intact and not even remotely wrinkled), I realized it was mostly outdated. 

In March I remembered. 

I decided to follow through on the tip from another participant at the writing conference I attended last summer and order business cards online. For $9.99 + shipping, I could get 500 professional business cards. That’s 499 more than I likely need (since only one of my four children wanted one). 

I was unprepared for the online business card world. There are thousands of designs, hundreds of styles, dozens of colors to choose from. On about page 30 of the process of scrolling through all those designs, I came to the conclusion that I had no idea who I was. The whole ordeal ended with me in tears.

Yes, tears. 

A few weeks later a friend passing through town stopped for a visit. She was giving a talk on identity at a women’s conference a week later. When I told her about the business card incident and not knowing how to define myself, she said: 

“Amber, it is not who you are but whose you are.”   

It’s so simple, isn’t it? 

We fall into the labels we are given: single, married, widowed, brilliant, rich, poor, business owner, unemployed, survivor, victim, and on and on. Others define us according to the sins of our past: ex-wife, alcoholic, ex-convict, or whatever.

But to God we are simply HIS. We are HIS children, HIS workmanship, HIS chosen people.

The problem was not the number of choices concerning colors or themes or style. The problem was that Satan was whispering lies about my identity, and I fell for them. The lies said, “You’re not smart enough for that design or hip enough for that one, and that design is for someone ten years younger who does not have silver threads coming out of her temple.”  

A week after my friend (therapist, identity finder) left, I ordered business cards. What had been overwhelming took less than 20 minutes. Within a week I had two boxes to store until they too become outdated. 

Even if I end up throwing all those business cards out, the $15 lesson was worth it. My roles change. Colors and styles and templates and phone numbers come and go. But my identity is sealed with HIM. 

For eternity I will be known simply as HIS. 

Amber Albee Swenson has authored four books, writes an occasional devotional blog, and is a regular contributor to several Christian organizations. In 2011 she started speaking to women with the intent of bringing the Bible to life in tangible, applicable ways.


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