Dear President Trump

As big as the ordeal of the campaign season turned out to be, now comes the really hard part—governing. Honestly, I can’t remember an election season like it—it started out with so much promise and talent in the primaries and got so ugly and weird. The only part I liked was praying. Somehow God has to help us make lemonade from all the sour lemon juice.

Nobody knows for sure what the next four years will be like. Mr. Trump was long on tone but often vague on details. Do you have a wish list of things you would like to see in his first term? Here is mine:

1.    Dial down the racially divisive rhetoric. Mr. Trump, you’ve made your points about illegal immigration. Please let your language show that you like America’s diversity, that you respect Hispanic culture, and that black lives matter as much as white ones.
2.    Dial down the creeping obsession with political correctness. I am weary of “microaggressions” and grievance addiction. I am weary of the demand for “safe places” for uncomfortable left-wingers. I am weary of hearing about speakers who are right of center being shouted off the stage or disinvited from college campuses.
3.    Decide that it’s okay for the United States not to be the world’s police. We are spending money we don’t have for our military adventures around the world, all funded by debt, and saddling future generations with the payments. It is not our job to exterminate the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is our job to stabilize Social Security so that our government can keep its promises to our children. Superpowers can also show their power by deciding which obligations they will not undertake.
4.    Recognize and name the places where Christians are being persecuted and terrorized and advocate for them. On December 11 dozens of Christians were killed and 49 wounded in an assault on the Coptic cathedral in Cairo. Most victims were women and children.
5.    Get the government out of the marketplace as much as possible. Trust the people to price goods, services, and labor as they see fit. In trying to de-risk everybody’s life to such a high degree, government makes it extremely difficult to start and run a business. Any business. Governments cannot create wealth; they can only redistribute what their citizens have made. An actual job is better than ten government job-training programs.
6.    Nominate Supreme Court justices who view babies in the womb as real human beings.