Growing closer to God bucket list

My kids have been known to make summer bucket lists, writing down every single fun thing they’d like to cram into the weeks that they have off of school. I am all for writing down things so that we are intentional. After all, without that list, I would be tempted to just hang out at home and not drive anyone anywhere.

I like the bucket list idea. However, instead of things to do, I came up with ways that I will grow closer to God and to the people he has put in my life. 

Want to join me?

  1. Memorize Scripture. Let’s follow the advice of Psalm 119 and hide God’s Word in our hearts (and brains). I know a number of Bible passages because I memorized them as a child, but a friend of mine mentioned that he likes to memorize chunks of Scripture. It’s a great way to meditate and spend time, verse by verse, on God’s Word. Want some suggestions? Ephesians 1:3-8; Ephesians 2:1-5; Philippians 4:4-11; and Psalm 23 are some good ones to get you started.
  2. Get people together. I believe that adults are lonelier than we appear. For all of our “togetherness” on social media, there’s nothing that can truly take the place of sitting down with someone, talking, sharing a meal. Be the one who shows Jesus’ love by connecting people.
  3. Pray outside. I am so easily distracted by things inside—the laundry and dishes, my phone or computer, and even the people I love. Going outside on my front porch allows me to pray uninterrupted. 
  4. Plan now to bless others later. Honestly (and I’m sorry to say this), it will be Christmas in the blink of an eye. If you have some free time now, write out Christmas letters to people in the military or to the elderly. This is one of those things that often gets put to the side in the hustle of Christmas prep. (You know, you could also just send a letter now as a bonus.)
  5. Meditate. For some of us who live in snowy climates, these are the days we’ve been waiting for. Sit outside in the sun for two minutes and just breathe. Praise God for the seasons, relax in him, repeat a Scripture verse in your mind.
  6. Have fun. Christianity is a joy-full life. Put your faith and hope in God, “who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share” (1 Timothy 6:17,18). Let’s show people just how great it is to be part of God’s family.

Linda Buxa is a writer and editor who has already had her first s’more of the season. Her favorite way to make s’mores is by twisting open an Oreo, putting on a peanut butter cup, adding a marshmallow, and topping it with the other half of the cookie. 


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