You are Noah: God’s call to adventure

Every day you . . .

get up

drink coffee

go to work

come home

eat dinner

check Facebook

watch Netflix

go to sleep

wake up . . . repeat

There has to be more to life than this, right?

You might be surprised to find out the Christian life is a call to action, a call to adventure. 

Being a Christian is not just about believing the right stuff or going to the right church. 

It’s a call to save the world. 

That’s what life was like for Noah. Noah was the last believer on the earth. He was surrounded by thousands, maybe even millions of violent, wicked people. God said he was going to destroy the world with a flood and, at the same time, save the world (and its cute little animals) through Noah. 

God called Noah to build a giant barge, 450 feet high, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall. God told Noah to build it with three stories and fill it with food. Then God brought the animals to Noah. And shut everybody into the ark. Then God sent a global flood. 

For a whole year, Noah protected his family and cared for thousands of animals. After the waters receded, everyone came out of the ark and worshiped the Lord. The Lord put the first rainbow in the sky, promising to never flood the earth again. 

What an adventure! What a life filled with purpose and meaning! 

But that’s Noah. He had an adventure. 

I write email. 

I do laundry. 

I cut the lawn. 

But not so fast. When you turn to Peter’s letter in the New Testament, he says, “You are Noah.”

How so? Just like Noah, you live in the last days before God sends his final judgment. You might just be one of the last believers on earth. God wants you to build your whole life on the Word of God. God is calling you to save the world through your witness. God is calling you to get in the game and serve him by radically serving your neighbor. God is calling you to lose your life so that you might find it. 

If your life is boring, then you have forgotten God’s call. 

You have forgotten that you are Noah. 

Pastor Ben Sadler has served as a full-time pastor since 2010. He began his ministry serving a Spanish-speaking congregation in Florida. Since March 2014, he has served at Goodview Trinity Church in Minnesota. He is married to Emily, and they have three children. Ben loves to spend time with his family, ride his road bike, read, write, and preach.


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