A Poem

If you have read any of the previous, oh, hundred of these weekly blogs, you may have noticed a trend. There isn’t a lot of poetry. This is no accident. I have the soul of an accountant.


I am proud to present to you today four stanzas from a happy Time of Grace viewer. This week’s blog comes to you courtesy of a dear woman named Linda.  She wrote it to encourage me. I pass it on to you with my compliments.



If you get to feeling down

When the feedback isn’t flowing,

Then we’ll join y’all in prayer

And the Lord will get you going.


Take heart and be uplifted,

Though mute we sometimes be.

Many faithful do log on to read

The true Word that we see.


Then silently we ponder

This precious Word of God,

Shared through a handsome* speaker.

The staff, too, we applaud.


Please keep the message coming

And we will do the same

To lift up one another

In our dear Savior’s name.



Thank you, Linda. I feel better now.


*(not the original adjective) 

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