A Reward From the Lord
Let’s talk about babies. My great-great grandparents had twelve kids, eight of which made it into adulthood.  My great-grandparents had eight kids.  My wife and I have four, and our last two really raised some eyebrows when we announced their arrival.  As though, with two, we had done our duty, and four was just over the top. The fact is, populations cannot sustain themselves when the birthrate drops below two kids per woman of childbearing age.  The United States is leading Western and Industrialized Nations with around two children per woman.  In many other countries, it is quite a bit less. This is leading to some social disasters.  One of which is that there simply will be not enough actively working people to support the needs of the elderly.  It also opens up the world to immigration from non-Christians.  Lands that once had been Christian are emptying out, and the sprouting up of mosques all over Western Europe is cause for alarm. Why must it be that children are much more appreciated and desired in an Islamic country than in a Christian country?  Scripture tells us in Psalm 127, “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.” The Lord’s blessing is upon families, churches, and cultures that love, respect and cherish children.