Airport Rage
Do you hate airports? Do you have any horror stories about long delays, canceled flights, hours on the tarmac, or bad food? Personally I find airport experiences exhausting. If I have to spend a day traveling, I am more tired at the end of the day than if I had actually worked. How can sitting around be so tiring? Whenever I feel a good airport whine coming on, I find it helpful to do some thankfulness therapy, glad that I am not taking the stagecoach to my destination. Or riding a horse. Or driving an oxcart. Or walking. The ease and speed with which we can travel now would be absolutely inconceivable to most of the people who have lived on earth during its history. In fact, the incredible advantages that the church enjoys right now for spreading the good news of Jesus are reminiscent of why God probably chose the Roman empire at its height for the first coming of Christ. The Roman empire brought safety to travel by ridding the highways of bandits and the seas of pirates. They instituted a system of credit so that travelers didn’t have to carry huge bags of gold. Latin was the universal language of the western Mediterranean, and Greek the universal language of the east. The Roman legions not only brought peace, they also built the empire’s famous highway system. The famous “Roman peace” made St. Paul’s missionary journeys possible. As you sit fuming in the chairs outside your gate, waiting for a plane that hasn’t arrived yet, take a deep breath. Look around you in awe, and realize that you are witnessing the age of rapid shrinking of distance. Rapid travel, plus instantaneous electronic communication through wireless phones, internet, and satellite make the Word of God available everywhere on the globe. No more whining. Seize the moment.