Awareness overload!

I’m tired of being aware. I’m really not trying to sound insensitive, but I’m a little worn out.

A month or so ago, Instagram was filled with photos from Disney movies—to spread awareness of childhood cancer. I ranted a bit about it to my daughter. I already know there’s childhood cancer, and Disney photos do nothing to actually help those children suffering from it! (She thought I was being ridiculous.)

This week, hearts showed up all over Facebook to spread awareness about breast cancer prevention. I have friends and family members who have or had breast cancer, so I’m plenty aware. When people have to Google “what do the hearts mean on Facebook,” maybe you’re not actually achieving your goal.

That’s why I think I’m frustrated. Every awareness day, week, or month leaves me sad, yet the cutesy posts don’t suggest how I could make a difference (because knowing about an issue is not nearly the same as working on behalf of an issue). So here are two steps to handle awareness overload and how to stay focused.

  1. Pick your passion. It’s okay to love some causes more. (After all, I love my kids more than I love your kids, and no one is surprised or offended by that.) You may only have enough time or energy for one or two causes, and that’s fine! When you know your causes, work at those with all of your heart. Get involved with your time, money, and energy. And, by all means, feel free to make other people aware of that issue and enlist their help if they’re interested too. 
  2. Say a quick prayer about all the rest. Let’s be honest, we don’t have enough time or money to fix all the issues that have been brought to our attention. But I know who does. So ask the God who created all and owns all to be with the families who are suffering. Pray for him to raise up people passionate for that specific cause. Ask him to provide resources. Thank him that, because he knows the number of hairs on our heads, he is truly aware of and involved in every issue out there. Then say amen and get back to #1. 

What causes are you aware of, and how do you act on their behalf? Let me know in the comments. 

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Linda Buxa found out that this is National No Name Calling Week, so if you disagree with this post, please do so respectfully. Also, if you really want to be aware of breast cancer, this poster seems more helpful.