Well, here we are in mid-April, and the Democratic presidential contenders are going at it like two tired heavyweights in the later rounds. By now nobody is hearing any new ideas. The game now is to try not to wound yourself with a fatal gaffe, while of course scrutinizing your opponent’s speeches and hoping he/she will utter something really stupid. This past week it has been Barack’s turn to sweat. Last weekend in San Francisco he observed that he thought many working class voters had become bitter about the economy and “chose to cling to guns or religion.” Hillary exulted. “Sen. Obama’s remarks were elitist and out of touch,” she said. To show what a regular Joe she was, video footage showed her putting down a shot and a couple of beers at a Pennsylvania bar. I don’t know if a sagging economy leads people to buy more guns, or if those who are suffering from job stress are more or less likely to go deer hunting. What I do know is that I and many other people, Americans and otherwise, find our relationship with God a wonderful comfort zone when we are hurting. I don’t like to be mocked for finding solace in my religion. Karl Marx sneered long ago that religion was the opiate of the masses. My take: Bring. It. On. My Savior allows me to undergo hardship in my life as a rebuke to my pride, my foolish sense of “independence,” and my materialism. When life stresses cause people to hunger for God’s forgiveness, strength, and hope, the angels rejoice.

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