E. Coli
Well, the Topps Meat Co. is no more. You probably never heard of it, but the New Jersey-based meat packer claimed to have been the nation’s largest producer of frozen burger patties. What brought the company down was the USDA’s contention that recent shipments of patties contained the harmful, potentially fatal, E. coli bacteria. E. coli comes from cattle intestines, and if the animals are improperly slaughtered, it can get into the meat. The company issued a recall for 21.7 million pounds of frozen beef, an entire year’s production. 30 people are alleged to have been sickened by their meat. 87 jobs in Newark will disappear along with the 67-year-old company. But hey—nobody died. Thank God for the USDA. If only there was a USDA for the propagation of religious ideas. Your government sees to it that there is licensing and supervision of health care and the food supply. When it comes to safety in the world of religious truth, you’re on your own. Anybody can set himself or herself up as an agent for God. The damage done by false prophets of God is immense, but it won’t be seen conclusively and in its totality until after Judgment Day. By then it will be too late to sue people who have peddled spiritual E. coli. This month will include the annual commemoration of Martin Luther’s nailing of 95 protest statements on the Wittenberg town bulletin board. One of Luther’s gifts to posterity was a reawakening of appreciation for the Bible as an absolutely unshakable source of God’s truth. Everything in Scripture is healthy food for your soul. Eat it up.