Exhausted Parents, Frustrated Teenagers
What parent at some point has not resonated with King David?  His son Absalom rebelled against him, and subverted his kingdom and declared war against him. Why do the kids you love fight so hard, and seem to be so deaf to your good intentions? It goes back to mother Eve and father Adam.  When God said to Eve, “In pain you will give birth to children,” that pain was not the last.  It is a function of sin to damage human relationships, including those between children and parents. Sin makes young people deaf to wisdom, and they have to learn by hard and bitter experience.  Sin also makes parents deaf to what their children are trying to tell them.  Sin makes people proud, and proud people don’t bend.  Proud people don’t compromise.  Proud people keep track, and remind others of their failings.  Exhausted parents and frustrated teenagers can always find comfort and solace in the forgiving arms of a Savior who washes away the failures of the past.  If you are filled with the Lord Jesus, then you’ve got something to give - and a reason to try again, tomorrow.