When you’re young, firsts – first times, first things, are really exciting. First time in an airplane … is a blast. First time you ever hit a home run in little league … is a memory you’ll have for a lifetime. Your first date – when a guy calls you up and asks you out – probably will stick with you for the rest of your life. Your first apartment; your first job; those are great. As you get older, a lot of the firsts aren’t so much fun. Your first colonoscopy. Your first miscarriage.  The first of your loved ones to die of cancer. The first time you go home and climb into bed, and your spouse isn’t there, because he or she has passed away. Your first Christmas alone. These firsts are not lasts. The Lord Jesus experienced a lot of firsts for us -- so that all of the really good things in our lives won’t be lasts. We don’t ever have to say good-bye forever to a loved one who dies in the Lord. That may be the first time you have to live without that person, but it’s only for a while. And the very best first still lies before us, and that’s the first time we are reunited with people who have died. And the Lord Jesus, who was the first born from the dead, guarantees an absolutely spectacular string of new firsts, and every one of them will be a happy one.