Christmas is a great time to be in the forgiveness business. Just as it’s a great time for us to come to the manger of Jesus and say “I need you,” it’s a great time for us to be reflectors of forgiveness that we receive from him. The closer you get to your Savior in the manager, the less comfortable you can be with holding onto your own grudges when you realize that he bridged an absolutely enormous chasm to come to our world and carry our burdens. The gap between me and the other sinners and fools around me is not too very great. He let go of his anger towards me unconditionally and he went first. And the closer I get to him the more I act like him. So, Christmastime is a great time not only for thinking of presents we’re going to give people that involves spending money. But one of the best Christmas presents you can give to somebody else is to look in your own heart where there’s bitterness and anger, and give a gift to that person and let go of it unconditionally; where you go first, remembering that our inspiration to do that comes not only from the example of our Lord Jesus but also from the power that our Savior gives to us.