From ordinary to extraordinary

Tiffany & Co., the company known for their luxury jewelry and little blue boxes, made news last week when it unveiled its Everyday Objects Collection.

It created new items because “we believe in utilizing beautiful things not only on special occasions, but also in everyday life. Every piece in our newest collection perfectly blends form, function and quality to make ordinary objects extraordinary.”

The ordinary to extraordinary items?

A sterling silver tin can for $1,000.

A yo-yo for $300.

To help your kiddos with homework, you could get them a ruler for $450, a triangle for $400, and a protractor for $425—all, of course, in silver.

Need a bookmark? The 18K gold oversized paper clip will only set you back $1,500. According to Tiffany, it’s “the perfect whimsical desk accessory.”

Have a little more to spare? They’ve “reimagined an everyday yarn ball in handspun strands of textured sterling silver,” for $9,000.

Then there are the bone china cups that are replicas of the paper coffee cups they give you in the store. Those seem like a bargain at $95 for two.

I’m known for using a military discount at a thrift store, so I realize I’m really not in Tiffany’s target market. Still, I couldn’t help but go to its website to see just what it's all selling—and to wonder who in their right mind would pay these outlandish amounts for something so mundane? Who is this ridiculous? 

Then I realized . . . 

God is this ridiculous.

He paid a crazy amount (his Son’s life) for something so mundane (us). 

Who in their right mind would do that? We’re not talented or wealthy; we are full of flaws and suffer from anxiety. We cheat, we lie, and we say stupid things. He knew that. And he loved us anyway. Because he was willing to pay an outlandish amount for us, he made ordinary objects extraordinary. 

Now we walk around knowing that we are called children of God, that he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. He chose us before the world was even created to be part of his family, to be holy and blameless in his sight. He adopted us, redeemed us, forgave us, and lavished his grace on us. 

We have gone from ordinary to extraordinary.

Linda Buxa is a writer and editor. Even if the items go on clearance, she still probably won’t buy anything from the Everyday Objects Collection.