Gay Marriage
These are not happy days for defenders of traditional male-female marriage.  The State of New York recently decided to recognize all marriages (including gay marriages) performed in other states. The voters of California passed Proposition 22 by a 61% majority vote affirming traditional male-female marriage, but the California Supreme Court in May struck it down as unconstitutional. The justices asserted that the right to a same-sex marriage is implicitly guaranteed in the state constitution. Christians who believe in an inspired and inerrant Bible cannot support homosexual marriage, or living a homosexual lifestyle at all, for that matter. God’s Word is that clear. Alas, political decisions are generally not driven by what the Bible says. Advocates of gay marriage tend to be much more furious and passionate about their cause than advocates of traditional marriage are about theirs. The California court’s decision may not get overturned. Then the next state will legalize gay marriage. I hope that Biblical Christians make their views known in coming months and years as this issue gets discussed around the nation. But frankly, heterosexual Americans have not made a particularly forceful case of how much they cherish marriage. Both the divorce rate and the increasing number of unmarried cohabitors in America are intensely disappointing. Want to do something? How about taking better care of your own marriage today.

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