Gay Marriage

This has been a difficult year for anybody who could be called a social conservative.  California’s state Supreme Court made California the third state to legalize gay marriage (along with Connecticut and Massachusetts). In one of the anomalies of the November elections (in which liberal/progressives made great political gains), Californians also passed Proposition 8, which struck down same-sex marriage.


The new movie “Milk” (released last month) celebrates the life of martyred gay activist Harvey Milk, who was shot down along with San Francisco mayor George Moscone by an antagonistic fellow city supervisor named Dan White back in 1978. Sean Penn is getting great reviews in the role and will add to the pressure from gay activists to overturn Prop 8.


Newsweek’s cover story this week is “Our Mutual Joy—The Religious Case for Gay Marriage” by Lisa Miller. Gosh, that magazine seems to have lost all pretense of journalistic neutrality and objectivity in the last year or two. Miller’s article claims to look at the Bible’s teachings about homosexuality and marriage but is instead a pastiche of sarcasm, poor interpretation, and preconceived notions. She is unable even to tell the difference between civic laws intended for Old Testament Israel and God’s timeless mandates for all human behavior.


This war will go on and on. Want to help? If you are single, love your singleness and thank God for it. If you are married, do something wonderful to encourage your spouse today.


P.S. God is not confused by Lisa Miller. Gay marriage is still wrong.



Straight talk.  Real hope.

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