What do you suppose life is like when 1.4 million people are jammed into a little strip of land only 25 miles long? Gaza these days is full of refugees, poverty, and AK-47s at the same time that it has been largely cut off from travel and trade with the rest of the world. Now controlled by the military/political party Hamas, Gaza is considered as dangerous to Israel as it was 3,400 years ago. Back then the Gaza plain was known as Philistia. The Philistines were Israel’s tormentors for hundreds of years. Their horses and chariots were more than a match for Israel’s infantry on those wide open areas. King David’s military operations finally ended most Philistine threats. The Gaza highway was also the scene of something far more wonderful—the baptism of an Ethiopian government official by Philip the Evangelist. Philip’s traveling missionary ministry had been set in motion by a terrible disaster—the outbreak of vicious persecution of Christians in Jerusalem. As he so often does, God used his moving people to touch the lives of others with the Gospel. Pray with me that the misery in Gaza now will somehow open opportunities for the Gospel today.