God vs. Hollywood
Hollywood is getting ready for the Oscars.  Did you know that?  I’ve been seeing it everywhere.  It’s so tempting to tune in to the fantasy lives of the rich and famous.  Of course, the fantasy doesn’t last long.  That’s what I’m reminded of when I see pictures of the bald girl leaving rehab. Fortunately, God’s love is different from Hollywood love.  In Hollywood, love is a mysterious emotional force that must be obeyed.  When the force fades, you no longer need to feel any attachment or obligation to the other person. God’s love is a decision of the mind.  It is cerebral, not glandular.  Jesus chose to take on our flesh, but not because he was enchanted by the fun of childbirth in an animal pen.  Jesus chose to make a personal atonement for our sins, but not because he felt like experiencing nails and thorns. A Christian pastor said once, “Godly love is the willingness to inconvenience yourself to bring benefit to somebody else.”  Christian families and fellowships are full of examples of the Spirit at work in peoples’ hearts. Godly love is staying with your spouse long after the fun is gone.  Godly love is giving up vacations to take care of elderly relatives.  Godly love is treasuring people of other races and cultures.  Godly love is sacrificing for your kids.  Godly love is making room in your family for a foster child. Let’s not get lost in the short-term fantasy.  Loving like God loves is far more satisfying.