Gone But Not Forgotten
Anna Nicole Smith is gone, but not forgotten. I just saw an interesting statistic today.  During the last week of February, 22% of news air time was devoted to Anna Nicole Smith.  You’re not surprised, are you?  The son’s death, the paternity battle, her drug use, burial rights . . . did I miss anything? A few things occur to me.  Ms. Smith led a destructive life, and there is a child in the world now who won’t know her mother, but who will know her legacy.  Maybe God can use this for good.  Maybe we should think about the legacy we would leave for our kids if we died today. I live in the city of Milwaukee.  There are hurting people all around me.  They are broken because other people abused them, or they have a drug addiction, or they struggle every day with poverty.  Maybe God can use this for good.  But maybe we – here in Milwaukee – should approach our fellow citizens with more caring hearts, starting today. Life is about relationships.  It is about our relationship with God, our spouses, our children, our friends, our relatives.  Maybe God can use Anna Nicole’s death for good.  And maybe we all can choose to speak up when a loved one is doing destructive things.