Wanna catch live performances by the thrash metal bands Queens of the Stone Age, Cradle of Filth, or Type O Negative? The “Hallowicked” 2007 tour of Insane Clown Posse? Just head for Milwaukee’s The Rave nightclub for a week of what they call their “Hell-o-ween” shows. OK, OK. Some of this is just posturing, just the music biz trying to make some money off teen rebellion. Bland bores. Shock sells. If your grandparents were smoking weed back in the ‘60s, you have to work at it to find a new way to rebel. Still.... Is it my imagination, or is the business of Halloween mushrooming? And I don’t mean little Batmen and ballerinas trooping around on a Sunday afternoon, ringing doorbells and shaking people down for candy with their thinly veiled threats of “trick or treat.” I’m talking about grownups. I met a guy a while ago who runs a multi-million dollar company whose only product is Halloween costume rentals via the internet. Their entire business year is structured around making sure that they can move product in October. You know, it’s one thing to indulge in a little humor and fantasy and dress up for laughs. It’s something else entirely when people have lost interest in God but find Satan and his demons fascinating. Have you felt the lure of what Satan offers? On “Helloween” night you can throw off restraint, let go, do whatever you want. Your mask and costume let you pretend that it’s really somebody else doing the bad things. “Helloween” becomes Mardi Gras for the rest of the country. You have cultural permission to let your own demons run loose. We still have an old trunk for dress-up clothes in the basement. If you bring your kids to visit us, they can have fun down there trying on the costumes . But I think I’m going to listen a little harder to my kids’ Queens of the Stone Age CDs.