How Do You Get Out of the Doldrums?
The doldrums are dead wind pockets in the Atlantic Ocean. Sailors get stuck in them. Their boats don’t move, and they sit there, and sit there, and sit there and wait for wind. You feel like your life is in the doldrums when you’re stalled and not moving, waiting for some wind to push you along. That wind comes from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Lord lets us stall as a way of getting our attention, as a way of helping us realize how much we really need him every day for all things. For spiritual things, emotional things, physical things, financial things, he truly is a source of everything good in our lives. When you’re stalled it’s a great time to pause and reflect, to look back at where you’ve come from and to see more clearly in the past than you can in the future what God has been up to. You can see his gifts steadily and faithfully given to you and you can see all of the disasters and crises that you have somehow managed to survive. You will possibly notice that it was with his help. Then as you look ahead you will realize that the divine wind of the Holy Spirit comes through the pages of the Word.  And the more you’re in the Word the more you will perceive and pick up on the Spirit’s power to get you moving again. It will help you understand what lies ahead and what kind of unique ministry setting the Lord has called you to.