It's Abuse
With the recent shootings in Virginia, Don Imus at least is off the front pages. It would be an easy thing to criticize him for his abusive talk.  My guess is that old Don is wondering what all of the fuss is about, because he’s been talking like that for years.  He’s probably wondering who changed the rules. Abuse and contempt for other people does sell and does have a sick appeal to those who enjoy feeling superior by smacking other people down.  Sad to say, there will always be a market for that.  In spite of his often insightful commentary, Don Imus built his success abusing others.  His feeble protests were that he didn’t say anything that an awful lot of rappers are also saying about black women. Those feeble protests weren’t listened to very much, but his basic point was a good one.  It is a terrible thing for white people to abuse black people.  It is also a terrible thing for black people to abuse black people.  It is a terrible thing for anyone, especially those who worship the name of Jesus, to score points or advance themselves by abusing other people. Our boss, our Lord and Savior Jesus, made his signature career impact by being a servant.  Let the words of Jesus help us learn how to live our own lives, which is to see ourselves as servants of others.