John the Baptist

Well, it’s that time. Are you going to go through the exercise of making a list of New Year’s resolutions? Go for it! And may the Force be with you.


Alas, most resolutions aren’t worth the cocktail napkins they’re written on. They are casually assembled and just as casually forgotten. To save my life I couldn’t even remember mine from last year.


This is serious business, though. Overhauling your life is not an option for Christians. John the Baptist had a powerful message in Luke chapter 3 for believers in his century and in ours:  “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” In other words, take out the trash from your personal life.


The verses that follow are fascinating. People from the crowd asked John for specific examples of what kinds of things they needed to change. They couldn’t see these things for themselves and benefited from the observations of a third party. Sharing surplus clothes, stopping extortion, and choosing contentment were great advice.


Here’s a New Year’s dare. I dare you to find a John the Baptist who will tell you what needs to change in your life. Who is close enough to you to tell you the truth?



Straight talk.  Real hope.

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