Let your flaws and struggles show!

The photo at the bottom of this post is what I look like after 30 minutes with a makeup artist who used not one—but two—tackle boxes of makeup to make me look natural. To be honest, as someone who usually wears a ponytail and no makeup, it was fun to get to be someone I’m not for just a few hours.

It’s not a good thing when we cover up what’s going on inside. After Robin Williams committed suicide, everyone everywhere seemed to be talking about reaching out to those who need help, especially to the ones who seem perfectly fine and happy on the outside. Now, three years later, his death is no longer in the news, and it seems we all went back to life as normal.

Life as a Christian means helping people and being in it for the long haul, because Satan is not giving up on you. Right after Jesus left this earth to go get your room ready in heaven, his disciples knew how much believers would need one another. So they wrote down God’s words in the Bible, over and over they encouraged us to cover up less; be more real. We hear that we pray for one another, encourage each other, serve one another, carry each other’s burdens, and, even, confess our sins to each other.

That can’t happen if we cover up our flaws and our struggles. Letting other people serve you means you need to be real enough to ask for help too. Be courageous enough to say, “I’m tempted. I could use your support. I’m lonely. I could use a friend. I’m struggling. Do you have some time to talk? I’m sad. I could use your encouragement.” 

Then, with 20/20 hindsight, give God the credit for what he’s done. When I share that I am weak, I get to tell people that Christ strengthens me. When I share what made me sad or afraid, I get to talk about my hope that has made me fearless. If I am brave enough to share my flaws, I have a great opportunity to tell you how God’s grace covers—and actually completely erases—all my imperfections. 

He does the same for you. In God’s family, come as you are imperfections and all. Let God do the covering up. Because of what Jesus has done for you, God says you are flawless.

Linda Buxa is a writer, Bible study leader, and retreat speaker. Seriously, this photo doesn’t show any of her “flaws.”