Positive affirmations . . . from God

I’m a sucker for videos of parents who put their kids in front of a mirror and have them repeat positive affirmations. Every morning those kids hear they are loved, valuable, strong, kind, or whatever else the parents mention. 

A friend of mine tells her kids each day, “Learn lots. Have fun. Be strong and courageous. You are a champion!” Now one of her children repeats the mantra to her college roommates.

When I was in college, one of the psychology professors had our class do an experiment. We wrote three positive statements on a note card and, every day for a month, we read them as soon as we woke up in the morning. (Maybe we had to say them out loud too, but college was a long time ago and I don’t quite remember.) 

The idea behind all of these is that by beginning each morning with positive reminders, we believe them more and live them out. 

Each time we open our Bibles, we hear God tell us all about what Jesus did for us—living perfectly, dying willingly, rising powerfully, and ascending triumphantly. Because God gives us credit for Jesus’ actions, we get to call him Father. And each day we get positive affirmations from God. The beautiful thing is there are plenty to pick from, depending on what you are facing in life. 

When you feel like a failure
God is with me; he is the Mighty Warrior who saves. He delights in me. Because he loves me, he doesn’t rebuke me but rejoices over me with singing. (Zephaniah 3)

When you are fighting personal battles
He created me; he formed me; I am not afraid.
When I struggle with (fill in the struggle), he is with me.
When I am tempted by (fill in the temptation), it does not overcome me. 
He is with me; he is the Holy One, my Savior. I am precious and honored in his sight, and he loves me. (Isaiah 43)

When you are tired
Because God loves me, I am not consumed. His mercy and compassion are new today. Because of Jesus, I am God’s daughter (or son); he is well-pleased with me. (Lamentations 3 and Matthew 3)

When you feel like giving up
I will be faithful to the point of death because God has a crown of life waiting for me. (Revelation 2)

What are your favorite affirmations from God? Now, just like my friend’s daughter, pass along that encouragement to others!

Linda Buxa is a writer and editor. About three years ago, she thought the idea of affirmations was cool and tried to find a phrase she could say each day to her kids as an encouragement. Rather unfortunately, the one that stuck was “Have fun storming the castle!”