Forgive me, but I seem to have lost my taste for the word "preacher." I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use it on me.  Many of my fellow pastors love the title and they are welcome to it. I have asked our Time of Grace staff not to use that word in describing me or what I do on our program. Preaching. 'Tis a noble word, of long lineage. But in the world in which I live, from Monday through Saturday it describes a human activity that no one, I mean no one, wants to hear. "Don't preach to me" means "Don't talk down to me." "Don't scold me." "Don't act like you know everything." "Don't treat me like a child." Alas, the word "sermon" carries the same negative work-week baggage. Do you want to hear a sermon from your boss at work? Or from a co-worker? I didn't think so. "Sermon" in that world means a rant, a gas-filled, pompous oration, boring, windy, and negative. That's why I can't use the word for myself any more. I hope you're not disappointed if I don't preach on Time of Grace programs. I just want to talk with you. I just want to dig into God's Word with you and explore the marvelous treasures that God has placed there for our learning, encouragement, straightening out, and guidance. I just want to tell stories I've learned of human frailty and heavenly love, of our needs and God's rescue. You know what else I'm interested in? Your reaction. Send me an e-mail reply today and if it's helpful I'll post it.

### Straight talk.  Real hope.

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