Princess Diana Again
Well, she’s back in the news again. Princes Harry and William have asked the news media not to air footage of the terrible automobile crash that claimed their mother’s life ten years ago. What is it about her that makes her newsworthy even in death? Well, she was so beautiful, of course. Her fairy-tale wedding was watched on television by many millions. She was royalty. She had two adorable children. Let’s face it—we need princesses. Even here in America, where our national mythology centers on our war of independence that destroyed the hold that the British monarchy had on its colonies, we crave royalty. We suspect that our own lives are not very interesting…that our own faces are not very photogenic….that our homes are no castles…that making a living can be a hard, hard business. We need princesses to look up to, to dream about, to believe in. Even the cynics among us need heroes. Know what? You just may be someone’s hero or princess. Somewhere there is a child who is depending on you, looking up to you, hoping for some magic from you, wanting to believe in something big from you. And most important of all—little people need heroes and princesses who love Jesus and are not afraid to show it.

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