Room in Your Heart

Did your parents pray regularly with you when you were small? Did they make up customized prayers or did they recite a standard list? Here in our home we made up special prayers, but we always ended up with “Dear Jesus, please send your angels all ‘round our beds and keep us safe all through the night time. We love you Jesus very, very much, Amen.” Funny—my kids all seem too big to say that any more…


When I was a kid we tended to say a standard set, including the legendary “Now I lay me…” I guess once I became an adult I lost some affection for that old chestnut. My own kids had enough fears and traumas in their lives and I didn’t think I needed to put ideas into their heads about dying in their beds each night. For some reason my parents had another standard and it went like this: “Come to my heart, Lord Jesus; there’s room in my heart for thee. Amen.” I’ve never heard of it again in half a century. I wonder where they got it from.


Maybe they got it from St. Paul in II Corinthians 7:2, where he says, “Make room for us in your hearts.” Isn’t that a dear phrase? Paul wanted to influence not only the minds and faith of the Christians in Corinth; he craved their affection as well. Ministry is personal. You may take it from me that communicating Christ without emotion or love is no fun.


May I ask the same from you? Would you do me the honor of making room in your heart for me?



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