St. Patrick's Day Reflections
I love St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s all great fun.  In the long grinding month of March, St. Patrick’s Day and the festivities are one of the few bright spots in this hard transition to spring, especially up north. Unfortunately, the concept of St. Patrick’s Day has been exhaustively secularized in America.  Hardly anybody realizes the spiritual story behind the partying. Patrick, a British young man, was kidnapped and forced to work as a shepherd, as a slave in Ireland.  And even after he escaped, and then made his way back to Britain, he was determined not only to serve God with his life, but to go back and serve the Irish people.  He was the founder of monasteries, which were centers of mission work.  Inspired by Patrick, these Irish monks distinguished themselves for seven hundred years by their missionary trips.  They brought the Gospel to the northern part of the English islands, and also crossed the channel to bring the Gospel to the German tribes. Patrick is a hero for Christians.  His true significance is that he chose to love his former enemies enough to bring them the good news of the Gospel. He’s my hero.