Suicide Watch
Well, he’s out. The infamous Jack Kevorkian, “Dr. Death,” was just released after eight years in prison. His crime: assisting suicides. He is defiant and unrepentant, still insisting that people should have the right to kill themselves. His views find sympathy even among some Bible believers, who know of people whose lives seem hopeless and pain-filled. From a completely human point of view, it can seem like an act of mercy to let someone take a fatal dose of a deadly poison and stop the misery. That’s the main problem with what Kevorkian is advocating (and incidentally the main problem behind suicide bombings of civilians)—it comes from a purely human point of view. Christians must learn more and more to see things from God’s point of view. God claims to be the originator of life, and he does not want anyone to hasten the end of it. I Samuel 2:6 says, “The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.” God is not so concerned about “quality of life” issues. Every human being was designed to have this as his or her first purpose:  to give and receive love, from/to God and from/to other people. Even people who live with many incurable disabilities and living with daily pain can do this and thus fulfill their purpose on this earth. God has gotten some of his best work done through those people who seem the most broken. His ultimate solution to our human misery was not just in making us die as soon as possible, where all physical pain ceases, but to raise us up to heaven, reassembled and glorified. Rather than helping the miserable to die sooner, I want to use my time and energy to love the miserable and be loved by them, to ease their pain rather than end their lives, to encourage them to trust in Christ and to be encouraged by their words and stories.