Summertime Blues

It has truly been an odd summer in Wisconsin. In spite of all the drumbeating about global warming, the temps have not cracked 90 degrees yet. In a “normal” year by now we would have had at least ten.


The Janesville GM plant isn’t making many Suburbans or Yukons any more. $4.00 gas makes them about as hot as the big Hummers. The huge plant will close in 2010.


Up here we’re pretty safe from hurricanes, but we have had our own water troubles. Lake Delton disappeared. As heavy rains raised its level a few inches, it burst its banks and cut a new channel to the Wisconsin River. The entire lake emptied, carrying a few houses with it. The loss of the lake will be devastating for the local tourism industry.


The southwest part of the state also got too much water, but in Sauk County it stayed. Near Spring Green heavy rains were trapped in “Big Hollow,” a valley about a mile and a half from the Wisconsin River. After weeks the floodwaters refuse to drain. Dozens of unwanted 160-acre lakes have appeared; farm fields have disappeared; even the local cemetery is partially underwater. The water table is now higher than the lower parts of the valley and dozens of homes and businesses cannot be saved. They sit abandoned and rotting. Cutting a channel to the Wisconsin River to drain the hollow would cost $3-5 million.


 The Bible says that all of nature was subjected to frustration and is in bondage to decay. If you long for a perfect world, one where all the people work together in harmony and where nature is peaceful and predictable, you’ll have to wait until the Lord Jesus takes you to heaven.



Straight talk.  Real hope.

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