The Reality of Mother's Day
Here in my part of God’s world, flowering trees are starting to explode with white and pink petals. What a perfect time of the year! It’s also Mother’s Day, and time to pay attention to mothers.  Many of us have been blessed in many ways we will never fully realize by our moms.  This Mother’s Day, spend some energy thinking about your own mom, and thanking God for the wonderful women in your life. But – also spend a little bit of energy looking around you at people for whom Mother’s Day is a day of sadness; who have a lump in their throats and a pain in their hearts.  How frustrating it must be that not everybody who wants to be a mother has been given that gift in life.  Both wives who cannot have a baby and single women who yearn for a life partner and would love to have a baby are in that category.  And also – what an irony that there are so many women who cannot support children, whose lives are in disarray, and yet who find themselves mothers when they are unable or barely able to care for their children. So, if you are a woman with empty arms, remember that there are tons of children running around in our world who don’t have enough stable adults in their lives.  There are some kids that could really use a hug from you. Thanks, Mom.