There Is Healing!
People who struggle, especially people who are ill or have chronic disabilities, look at the stories of Jesus’ miracle healings and they sigh.  “Oh, if only he would do that today.” I think it’s good to take a balanced view of the things that Jesus was doing. ng, he is still healing today.  God always prefers using people rather than doing everything through miracles.  Jesus’ main goal for being on earth was bringing people the saving Word to save their souls.  He did heal the people who he came into contact with but he did that to show that he could bear the weight of all of their hopes, and prove that he could do what he said he was going to do. One of the ways he heals people today is using people in the medical profession.  He graciously allows the curtains to be drawn back inch by inch and allows medical science to peek into the things that he and the Father and the Spirit built into the human body long ago to learn its wonderful secrets and mysteries.  But I like to think of the hands of nurses and surgeons as the hands of Jesus, that he is doing extraordinary things, miraculous things even today but using indirect means to do it. Secondly, there are examples of non-surgical healings through prayer.  And prayer still has enormous power and it pleases God to work outside the laws of nature and do miraculous reversals of peoples’ declining health.  And we praise God for every one of them.  God uses our lives as canvasses to paint amazing things.  And he picks the times and decides where he will do those extraordinarily supernatural things. And we’ll give him all the credit and praise for that.   I know people who can tell you stories of supernatural healing that came through prayer and not through medical or surgical intervention. And then finally, there will be those who struggle their entire lifetime and who die disabled as well.   All I can say is that heaven will be far sweeter for them than it will be for me.  I can walk now and in heaven I will walk.  If I had been disabled on this earth and had not been able to walk, the prophet Isaiah in chapter 35 says that those who have been lame will leap like deer and their joy and blessing and happiness will be much greater because of it.  And I am so happy for them and cannot wait to see the faces of all of the people who formally struggled with disabilities or chronic illnesses.  That’s who I want to hang out with for the first 100 years because their joy will be uncontainable.

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