We Are Blessed
To be blessed means that we are content and serene. It means we feel confident that our God is still managing the world’s business. He says we can be confident that he will manage everything for our ultimate good. He says we should be confident that our life’s story is guaranteed to have a happy ending. To be blessed means that we are aware that God intervenes in our lives to make good things happen for us. We are under daily assaults from Satan. He uses his human allies to try to distract us, trade our spiritual treasures for trash, sell our future for immediate gratification, grow tired of the Word, chase illusions, or despise any relationship with God. We need to recognize the enemy in our own hearts. We need to submit to God’s law, and cling to Christ’s gospel. God doesn’t want to hurt his children. Everything in our lives that is truly good comes from God the Father. He is the Lord, the God of love, who does not change like shifting shadows. He gave us our physical lives, and then he gave us rebirth through his mighty Word into spiritual life so that we might be the prime, prize part of all creation.