What Does God Want of Me?
You are probably pretty good at knowing what you want. But have you ever been troubled by uncertainty over what God wants of you? First of all, the fact that you even care enough to ask the question is itself a great victory for the gospel. If you’re not much of a believer or not one at all, or not even so sure if there is a God or not, you wouldn’t care about what God wants. So-- if there really is a God, then you have to decide whether or not you even feel like paying any attention to him whatsoever, like what has he done for me? Why do I need to pay him the slightest attention? Or – what makes me think that I have a clear idea of what God has actually said? Some people think the Bible is simply an ancient church document which has been manipulated by the hierarchy many centuries ago, and we don’t have any reliable source of information about God. So everything really needs to come first from God’s words – the only reliable thing we have – to know about God’s true identity, and to distinguish him from all the other man-made gods of myth and legend. God has not left us clueless. His real words, the Bible, reveal his identity and describe his works. And the Bible also reveals God’s will, his character, his value system. How he operates. How he treats us. And in that way, he sets out a pattern of how he would like us to treat one another. So don’t ever say that God is mysterious and hidden. Let the Word come to your ears. Then you will know.