What Freedom Gives
Here in my community and communities throughout America, this week we'll celebrate our nation's independence – the 4th of July. Communities across the country will join together with parades, fireworks, patriotic flags and family cookouts to celebrate the freedom we as Americans have.  The word "freedom" has a sweet ring to it, doesn't it? Those who spend their lives guarding it deserve our gratitude. Being Americans means that we can worship, study, and evangelize in peace. This 4th of July, let’s awaken some memories about the high costs of freedom. On an even larger scale, ultimate freedom is ours because of Jesus. Our Lord put his life on the line to be able to deliver that gift to every one of us, no matter how big a sinner or loser we think we’ve been. He was a one-man army, defeating the legions of hell so that we could live forever with him and his holy angels. On this Independence Day, whether you’re at home or far away, whether the sun is shining brightly on you or life hasn’t been so bright as of late, cherish the ultimate freedom that comes only from Jesus. It’s a freedom he gave to everyone through the ultimate sacrifice of his life on the cross for our sins, and a freedom he wants the world to share.

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