God controls the demons

Here’s a question for you: What thing most threatens your world? Who is your worst enemy? Some angry and bitter family member? Your boss? A serial killer? Suicide bombers? Stalkers?

Actually your worst nightmare comes from hell itself. Satan and the demons who live there, sad to say, have access to our world and are working to cause you pain and destroy you. Normally Satan presents himself as your friend, bribing you to sin with short-term blasts of pleasures and thrills.

But sometimes Satan loses his patience and blows his cover. The Bible describes his demons when they managed to possess a human being, and they no longer seemed friendly. They would torment the person’s mind and abuse his body. A man cried out once to Jesus that a demon had seized his son, thrown him into convulsions, and was destroying him (Luke 9:39).

God’s Son cares about his brothers and sisters. “Jesus rebuked the evil spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to his father” (Luke 9:42). Today we call on that same power to protect us against the forces of hell. There’s more. The Bible promises in Revelation chapter 20 that when Jesus returns he will throw Satan himself into everlasting damnation. He loses. We win. 

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