Lie #3: Your faith is purely a personal matter

When Satan fails to stop someone from becoming a Christian, he switches to Plan B and tries to make that person’s faith as invisible as possible and to make that person’s witness and example as ineffective as possible so that no one else will be infected with Christianity. So he tells you lies like, “Your faith is purely personal and private. It is nobody’s business what you believe.”

What nonsense. Jesus gave his life for you and gave your faith to you for you to share. Here’s the truth: Jesus said to the believers in Matthew 5:13,14, “You are the salt of the earth. . . . You are the light of the world.” Salt makes food taste better. It melts ice off roads and sidewalks. Salt preserves perishable foods. It creates thirst. But it can do those things only when it comes into contact with its target.

When you share your faith in Jesus, you make people’s lives better, melt ice off their hearts, preserve their lives, and stimulate thirst for the water of life. When you share your faith in Jesus, you help people walk on the safe path of life, not the path of death.

Spiritual salt and light can only do their jobs when they connect with other people. Sprinkle some salt today. Turn on your flashlight.