You Promised!

Every father figures out a cheap solution to kid problems—promise them anything. Works every time—at least at first. Every father also overpromises, going to that well just a little too often, and then the kids call your bluff. “Hey—you said we were going to McDonalds.” “Hey—you promised to take us to the state fair!” “Hey—you said this was the year we were going to see the ocean.”

When you’re busted by your kids, you realize that some damage has been done. Your credibility is shot, at least for now. Your ability to buy family peace with a promise is gone—they don’t believe you anymore. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).

How’s your heart doing right now? Have you been severely disappointed? lied to? let down? One of the most beautiful aspects of our relationship with God is that he never overpromises. He means everything he says. He delivers on time, every time.

Think back to the blessings that only God could have sent—the financial relief, the love of friends, the joy of family—and pause to remember and enjoy the fulfillments of your longings. God is good!

Pastor Mark Jeske has been bringing the Word of God to viewers of Time of Grace since the program began airing in late 2001. A Milwaukee native, Pastor Jeske has served as the senior pastor at St. Marcus, a multicultural congregation on Milwaukee’s near north side since 1980. In addition, he is the author of six books and dozens of devotional booklets on various topics.

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