Beat the system

For just about any system out there, you can find a book that claims to help you beat it. The system could be taxes, card games, or the stock market. To beat it means you found a way to make things work in your favor.

Can you beat the devil at his system? He uses sin to destroy relationships and cut us off from God.

You might think that as long as you avoid immediate consequences of sin, you can beat the devil at his own system—you can “enjoy” sin without the negative results.

But the devil isn’t always going for the immediate win. Quite often he is looking for a little foothold that will undermine you in the long run.

Guilt is his favorite foothold. Excusing your sin rather than repenting of it will cause your guilt to grow and grow. Given enough time it will suffocate your relationship with God to the point where prayer becomes awkward and personal study of his Word is nonexistent.

“Do not give the devil a foothold” (Ephesians 4:27).

Only God could beat the devil’s system. He did that by putting your sin with its guilt onto Jesus. That was the only way to spare you from sin’s eternal consequence.

Today do not let guilt run your life, and do not use guilt to manipulate others. The system of guilt has been defeated. Your life now runs on something much more powerful: grace.


Pastor Matt Ewart and his wife, Amy, have been blessed with three young children who keep life interesting. Matt is currently a pastor in Lakeville, Minnesota, and has previously served as a pastor in Colorado and Arizona.


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