It seems we are all overwhelmed. For some, the weight of loneliness, debt, grief, anxiety, change, poor health drags them down. For others, it is busyness. The schedules of work and kids and hobbies leave them gasping for breath.

When I feel that weight, my prayers quickly become pleas of “God, please make my life easier.” Maybe yours do too. That’s when we hear him tell us, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

That truth doesn’t necessarily make our schedules less busy or take away the struggles, but it puts them in perspective. We take our eyes off our current struggles and place them on the One who overcame. We take heart that because our Brother said, “It is finished,” Satan can no longer eternally overwhelm us. We look to the Creator, in awe that the One who placed every single star in the sky still knows our names and cares about our hurts. We see that the Father who anxiously runs to a prodigal child loves it when we come back home too. We are overwhelmed that the One whose voice strips the forests bare still whispers to us: “Be still.” We stop thinking we are in this by ourselves and hear the Savior say, “Surely I am with you always.”

Overwhelmed by the world? Not anymore.

Overwhelmed by the One who overcame? Absolutely!


Linda Buxa is a writer, Bible study leader, and retreat speaker. Her voice is heard regularly through her writing and blogging for Time of Grace. She is married to Greg, and they live in Wisconsin with their three active children.


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