Prophecy and Promise

Do you know where “flyover” country is? Super-trendy hipsters from both coasts have been overheard referring to the Midwest as flyover country–you know, the uninteresting and backward part of America that you have to jump over to get from New York to L.A.

Are the prophecy sections of the Bible flyover territory for you? Do you like the stories and letters in the Bible but get bogged down in the prophetic messages?

That’s understandable, but it’s a shame. For the prophets have been given direct messages from God for you. The prophets have words of great beauty and comfort for you, to encourage you and build you up. And the prophets have been allowed to see into the future, your future. They can help you make sense of the present and help you prepare for what lies ahead for you and other believers.

Many of the things they saw are pure heavenly splendor, and those bright and golden sights help us carry on. But some of those visions are not pretty. Your life will indeed be hard. But God is working all around and through these hardships to carry out his goal of bringing you home.

Ready for some prophetic adventures? Come on in . . .