Spirit gifts: Serving

When I hear it said of someone, “She is so gifted” or “What a gifted young man!” people are always speaking about overachievers, out-front leaders, or outstanding performers. I never hear it said of people for their humility. And yet a humble servant-attitude is a priceless gift of the Holy Spirit. “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. . . . If it is serving, let him serve” (Romans 12:6,7).

In a world that admires ego, chest-thumping, and personal autonomy at all costs, how refreshing is it to be around someone who is interested in helping you? Who makes you feel important? Who will lend you a hand without complaining or calling a lot of attention to it? Who finds satisfaction in bringing joy to other people?

Our Savior Jesus is also our personal hero and role model. He told his disciples once that he came not to be served but to serve. He asked nothing less of his followers. He told them also that the nonnegotiable trademark of an authentic follower of his is love—your willingness to spend yourself on someone else’s behalf. He told them that the attitude he and his Father most admire is best exemplified by that of a humble child.

Does your congregation have a reputation for cheerful voluntarism? 

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