The trump card

Some card games can be tricky to learn, especially if trump cards are in play. The trump cards have special value based on their suit. So if spades are trump, a low spade can beat a high card of any other suit. Until you figure out how trump cards work, the card game won’t make much sense.

That’s why I gave up on euchre and sheepshead.

The Bible is similar. There can be parts of it that don’t make much sense at all. In some places we might have questions about why God does the things he does, and we might worry that his character isn’t what we were told to believe.

But things can be quickly sorted out once you figure out what is trump. No matter what section you are wrestling with, there’s always one sure thing you can take away from it—one unbeatable truth.

The trump card is a Person.

While God communicated many things in many ways through several prophets, God laid down his trump card when his Son became flesh. Everything in the Bible points to him. No matter what, everything written somehow testifies to his existence or his role in your salvation.

So when there are challenging things in the Bible you might not understand, ask yourself this question: What does this section teach me about Jesus? When it comes to the Bible, the trump card is a Person. Once you know that, everything else falls into place.

Jesus said, “These are the very Scriptures that testify about me” (John 5:39).


Pastor Matt Ewart and his wife, Amy, have been blessed with three young children who keep life interesting. Matt is currently a pastor in Lakeville, Minnesota, and has previously served as a pastor in Colorado and Arizona.


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