You have changed

Have you noticed that a place you knew well as a child looks much different when you revisit it as an adult? Rooms are smaller. Walls are shorter. You notice things that you didn’t notice as a child. In reality, this place from your childhood didn’t change one bit. You did.

In a similar way, the more your faith grows, the more your perspective on life changes. There’s no better example than what happened in the lives of Jesus’ disciples the day of his death. The world looked very scary to them on that day. They locked themselves in a room because they didn’t want to face the dangers of being associated with Jesus.

But after the resurrection, the disciples were unleashed. They began to publically preach the gospel of Jesus and would rather face death than hide their faith. What started it all was a visit from Jesus on Easter Sunday when he said these words: “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21).

Once this peace settled into their hearts and minds, the world looked like a very different place. The resurrection didn’t change the danger of the world around them. The resurrection changed them.

Just like it changes you. Today there will be things that make you sad, hopeless, or fearful. When those things come up, look at them from the viewpoint of Jesus’ empty tomb. With death defeated and sin left powerless, the things that used to seem so daunting become quite small. Not because they have changed. You have.


Pastor Matt Ewart and his wife, Amy, have been blessed with three young children who keep life interesting. Matt is currently a pastor in Lakeville, Minnesota, and has previously served as a pastor in Colorado and Arizona.


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