You Have Enemies: Your Enemy Is a Serpent


Armies hate guerrilla wars. Their foes don’t wear uniforms, won’t come out in the open, and won’t “fight fair.” Guerrilla fighters hide among the civilians, avoid major battles, and live by the ambush.

The main reason your life is so hard is that you have enemies, guerrilla enemies that wish to conceal themselves. Guerrilla fighters know that they are not strong enough to win conventional battles, and Satan, your enemy, knows it too.

The Bible uses vivid picture language to help you understand these threats and ready yourself for spiritual attack. Here are five. Read on . . .

Your Enemy Is a Serpent

What is it about snakes that give people the creeps? Is it their feel? Their silent way of oozing and slithering around? The terror of their venom?

The serpent was Satan’s chosen vehicle for his deadly assault on the human race. Once a pure and glorious angel, now a fallen, hate-filled wretched spirit, he struck back at God by attacking God’s children. But that attack was a sneak attack. Satan did his damage by planting doubt, lies, fear, and ego in the hearts of God’s two children.

You know Satan’s voice because you have felt thoughts and impulses like the one that seduced Eve: “‘You will not surely die,’ the serpent said to the woman” (Genesis 3:4). He lied. Human rebellion against the holy God brought the triple curse: human pain, certain death, and eternity in hell.

Don’t baby yourself. Go through your life with eyes wide open. You have a fearsome enemy who is coming at you like a snake, quiet, hate-filled, patient, deadly, serious. But know this also: your Savior has crushed his head.