You've Been Warned: God Sees Everything


Children don’t like to have to think ahead, and they really hate warnings that their present pleasures are coming to an end. They like to pretend that the day of reckoning will never come. They want summer vacation to be endless. They don’t want to hear that the science project is due next week. They forget to apply for financial aid, and they dawdle away precious months in selecting a college or tech school because graduation day seems so far, far away.

Grown-ups are actually just large children who have gotten more subtle with their childish behavior. We like our ruts. We have become comfortable in our routines. We resist accountability and change too.

God’s Old Testament spokesmen, the prophets, often met with fierce resistance to their message because their hearers did not want to feel accountable to God, nor see their own sinful need, nor respect the terrible shortness of time. You need to know these things. Read on . . .


God Sees Everything


One of the most cherished rights of American citizens is the right to privacy. Local, state, and federal governments cannot enter a home, seize property, or wiretap phone conversations without an explicit court warrant. Evidence that has been seized without proper procedures is inadmissible in court. Suspects must be read their Miranda rights, which include the right to remain silent.

Does it surprise you to know that you have absolutely no privacy rights with God? He thinks he is your Creator and Judge, that not only are your public deeds under his scrutiny, but he has the right to evaluate your words and even listen in on your thoughts. Psalm 11:4 says, “The Lord is on his heavenly throne. He observes the sons of men; his eyes examine them.” The whole world is accountable to God. The whole world lies bare before his eyes. He sees and remembers everything. Everything.

The point? Don’t squander precious time right now by planning on dodging responsibility with God by pleading expiration of the statute of limitations. Don’t argue about freedom of speech and Miranda rights and privacy. Don’t hope for access to a slick lawyer or trust in your own glib tongue. God sees. God knows. God remembers. You’re busted.