Posted February 2014
February 3rd, 2014 4:27AM
why am I not good enough
Requested by Catherine
Plz Pray for me in the area's of loneliness, sadness and severe depression... No one REALLY understands me, & ppl are sooo busy they really dont wanna listen... Im a good person, loving, compassionate, and thrive on making those with less happier even for a moment... I have and will again give everything away to others less fortunate or even if someone JUST NEEDS what I have, and left with nothing materialistic speaking, BUT I REALLY HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED through GODS MERCY AND GRACE... BUT why am I sad, lonely, and feel like ive been forgotten? Plz Pray that I can find peace and comfort within myself, & to find someone who appreciates God, Life, & Love... Who appreciates ME for ME...