Posted February 2014
February 22nd, 2014 7:07PM
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I was abused as a child and sometimes thought it was because God loved me less than other kids who were not abused.  I went on to commit some really serious sins.  When I would face the consequences for those sins I thought it was God punishing me.  We got involved in a church that seemed to preach the gospel but it really wasn't.  One day the pastor told the congregation, while he was preaching, that my husband and I were going to hell and we weren't forgiven.  That really did a number on us, especially me.  I was terrified.  Somehow I found Time of Grace on tv and have been watching it and signed up for the daily devotions.  No matter what the topic is on tv or what the devotion is about the pastor on that show and all the pastors on this site always say everyone is forgiven.  I took a lot of hope in that.  It became real for me that I am forgiven even though sometimes it still creeps in that I might not be.  We joined a good Lutheran church because of Time of Grace.  I thank you so much.  I don't even have enough words to thank you.  But we are Grace Partners now because we want everyone to know about this forgiveness that has changed our lives.