Posted March 2014
March 14th, 2014 4:32AM
Being tested
Requested by Bob

Dear Lord , I pray to you and request the prayers of other that you see me througt this time of testing. Every day there seems to be some new problem that I can not handle . And , I know now that I must turn everything over to You. I can not at this time seem to handle even very little things, And right now I seem to have so many large problems. Family , work , home repairs . Let me trust in You , almightly God.. Jesus , please stand before your father and ask for my fogivness for all of my sins. Let me also shout your praises to all the world. Word of mouth is the very best way of spreading your word. God so love the world , that He gave his one and only Son to die for us , so we may live with Him forever and ever. Please pray for me and my family